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Trametes Villosa Laccase (TVL) was immobilized through physical adsorption on SBA-15 mesoporous silica and the immobilized TVL was used in the oxidative coupling of trans-resveratrol. Higher loading and activity of the immobilized enzyme on SBA-15 were obtained when compared with the free enzyme. The effects of reaction conditions, such as buffer type, pH,(More)
WebVR, a multiuser online virtual reality engine, is introduced. The main contributions are mapping the geographical space and virtual space to the P2P overlay network space, and dividing the three spaces by quad-tree method. The geocoding is identified with Hash value, which is used to index the user list, terrain data, and the model object data. Sharing(More)
Starting from the development of VR and WEB technologies, in this article, we analyze the characters and the development foregrounds of the 3D virtual community based on the WEBVR (Web Virtual Reality) technology, and introduce the characters of the RIA (Rich Internet Application) technology system. And we put forward the technical frame of the 3D virtual(More)
Clustering provides a viable approach to building a scalable Web server system. Many existing cluster-based Web servers, however, do not fully utilize the underlying features of the cluster environment, and most parallel web servers are designed for homogeneous clusters. In this paper, we present a pure-Java-implemented parallel Web server that can run on(More)
This paper investigates the synchronization behavior of a class of flocks modeled by the nearest neighbor rules. While connectivity of the associated dynamical neighbor graphs is crucial for synchronization, it is well known that the verification of such dynamical connectivity is the core of theoretical analysis. Ideally, conditions used for synchronization(More)