Geórgia Assis Corrêa

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Freeze-drying sperm is an alternative to cryopreservation. Although sperm from various species has been freeze-dried, there are few reports for bovine sperm. The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the protective effect of various freeze-drying media on the structural and functional components of bovine sperm. The media tested were composed of(More)
In vitro bovine embryos production and quality was evaluated in two culture systems, which utilize different oxygen tension. After IVM/IVF presumptive zygotes were cultured in either one of the two systems. The culture systems evaluated were-high O2: SOFaaci medium and culture for 7 d under 5% CO2 in air, at 39 degrees C in the presence of cumulus cells(More)
Six cases of PCP intoxication in young children age 5 years and younger seen at UCLA Medical Center recently and 10 other cases from the literature are described and their clinical findings summarized. PCP intoxication should be suspected in young children and infants presenting with rapid onset of lethargy or coma, strange behavior, staring spells, ataxia,(More)
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