Gayn B. Winters

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Building distributed systems for international usage requires addressing many architectural and practical issues. Key to the efficient construction of such systems, modularity in systems and in run-time libraries allows greater reuse of components and thus permits incremental improvements to multilingual systems. Using safe software practices, such as(More)
The cover design captures two major concepts in this issue-symmetry and pamllelism. At the hardware level, the AlphaServer multiprocess­ ing systems provide symmetrical access to hard­ ware system resources. As processors are added to the multiprocessing system, the DEC OSF/1 operating system provides the parallelism that allows applications to take(More)
Transaction processing is the common theme forpapers in this issue. The automatic teller machine on our cover represents one of the many businesses that rely on TP systems. If we could look behind the familiar machine, we would see the products and technologies-here symbolized by linked databases-that support reliable and speedyprocessing of transactions(More)
High-performance screen display of bitonal images is one of the topics in this issue. The handwriting and manz~ally produced technical drawings on our cover are types of imnges that can be scanned, stored electronically, and then displayed on an X t m i n n l screen; portions of an image can be enlarged or rotated on screen. Massachusetts 01754-2571.(More)
$40.00 for four issues and must be prepaid in U.S. funds. University and college professors and Ph.D. students in the electrical engineering and computer science fields receive complimen-taty subscriptions upon request. Orders, inquiries, and address changes sh6uld be k t to &e Digital ~ecbnfcal ~ o u r n a l at the published-by address. Inquiries can also(More)
Cover Design The red and blue threads m e n together in our cover design represent the many PC clients and server systems that are integrated in a network enuironment by the outstanding "thread" of PATEWORKS software. PAiWWORKSsoftware for the integration of PCs over LANs and WANs is the featured topic in this issue. ~assachusetts 01754-2571. Subscriptions(More)
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