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Thinking sex: notes for a radical theory of the politics of sexuality
‘Asked his advice, Dr. J. Guerin affirmed that, after all other treatments had failed, he had succeeded in curing young girls affected by the vice of onanism by burning the clitoris with a hot iron .Expand
The Traffic in Women: Notes on the "Political Economy" of Sex
Gayle S. Rubin, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Women’s Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan, made her first impact on feminist and gender theory in 1975 with theExpand
Of Catamites and Kings: Reflections on Butch, Gender, and Boundaries
Gayle Rubin is justly famous for her articles “Th e Traffi c in Women” and “Th inking Sex”—the latter oft en cited as a foundational text of queer theory. A lesser-known piece, reproduced below,Expand
Bodies of Inscription: A Cultural History of the Modern Tattoo Community
Since the 1980s, tattooing has emerged anew in the United States as a widely appealing cultural, artistic, and social form. In Bodies of Inscription Margo DeMello explains how elite tattooists,Expand
Blood under the Bridge: Reflections on "Thinking Sex"
This article reflects on the intellectual and political circumstances of the publication of Gayle Rubin's 1984 essay "Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality." InExpand