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[1] We report the results of a 55-day microearthquake experiment on the Endeavour segment of Juan de Fuca Ridge. The network covered a 5-km section of the ridge axis centered on the Main vent field and extended 15-km off axis on the west flank. The ridge axis and flanks were seismically active, and 1750 earthquakes were located with a minimum of five travel(More)
The two-dimensional P-wave attenuation structure of the axial crust of the East Pacific Rise was obtained from an inversion of waveform spectra collected during an active-source seismic tomography experiment. The structure shows that attenuation near the surface is high everywhere but decreases markedly within 1 to 3 kilometers of the rise axis. The(More)
Soil microbial communities play a critical role in nutrient transformation and storage in all ecosystems. Quantifying the seasonal and long-term temporal extent of genetic and functional variation of soil microorganisms in response to biotic and abiotic changes within and across ecosystems will inform our understanding of the effect of climate change on(More)
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