Gayle Kenoyer

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The short-term, seasonal input of ground water to a small, precipitation-dominated oligotrophic lake in northern Wisconsin amounts to less than 10 percent of the annual water budget of the lake but accounts for nearly all the external silica loading. Silica is a necessary nutrient for diatoms. A large spring diatom bloom occurs coincident with high silica(More)
OBJECTIVE Review management of patients presenting with aneurysms due to intimomedial mucoid degeneration (IMMD). DESIGN Retrospective analysis. SETTING Metropolitan Vascular Service, Departments of Haematology and Pathology, University of Natal. MATERIALS AND METHODS Case records reviewed over an 11 year period. Twenty-two patients were submitted for(More)
We studied three patients with amyloidosis who had a significant hemorrhagic disorder secondary to increased fibrinolysis. In two of the three patients, bleeding was one of the major initial problems; in the other patient, bleeding occurred later in the course of the disease. All three patients were men with primary or myeloma-associated amyloidosis (ie,(More)
The nephrotic syndrome is characterized by profound changes in the turnover and concentration of most plasma proteins, including those involved in the coagulation pathways. Thromboembolic complications, especially venous, have been widely reported. Arterial thrombosis is a relatively rare complication and has been reported mainly in nephrotic children. In(More)
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