Gayle Gillespie

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Previous in vitro studies have found high levels of antibiotic release in the days immediately following implantation of antibiotic loaded articulating spacers. However there are relatively few data describing the elution profile beyond this immediate period. This study was designed to measure if gentamicin levels continue to be clinically therapeutic after(More)
Ensuring correct rotation of the femoral component is a challenging aspect of patellofemoral replacement surgery. Rotation equal to the epicondylar axis or marginally more external rotation is acceptable. Internal rotation is associated with poor outcomes. This paper comprises two studies evaluating the use of the medial malleolus as a landmark to(More)
Obesity has been shown to be a risk factor for knee osteoarthritis. Total knee arthroplasty in the obese patient has given rise to some controversy in terms of perioperative risks, and the longevity of the implants. We reviewed the salient literature on this subject regarding the impact of obesity on the knee, the outcome of TKA in the obese patient, and on(More)
Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis is an uncommon condition characterized by the presence of gas within the wall of the bowel. In most cases the clinical course is benign and may well be self-limiting, while in others the appearance of pneumatosis may indicate the presence of bowel ischaemia and necessitate emergency laparotomy. This paper describes 5 cases(More)
INTRODUCTION The advent of modern arthroscopic techniques has lead to widespread surgical repair of multiligament injuries of the knee. Although functional outcomes may be linked to the recovery of strength and range of movement, studies have failed to report objective measures of strength recovery. The primary aim of this study was to describe the recovery(More)
The results of a survey of 302 operations in 277 patients during 1959-70 are presented, and an additional 69 operations during 1971 are included in the mortality figures. Operative mortality (1968-71) was 0.9% in 113 aortoiliac operations and nil in 96 femoropopliteal operations.Immediate patency rates on dismissal from hospital exceeded 95%, and the(More)
A number of laryngeal masks are available, including both re-usable and single-use masks. Single-use laryngeal masks may decrease the risk of transmitting prion infections. We performed a single-blind randomized trial in 200 spontaneously breathing female patients under general anaesthesia with nitrous oxide, to compare a new single-use laryngeal mask, the(More)
UNLABELLED WHAT'S KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT? AND WHAT DOES THE STUDY ADD?: Little is known as to the potential for over-treatment of young men diagnosed with prostate cancer. We show that for men aged ≤55 years with PSA screen-detected disease, 45% of the tumours are classified as very low risk and 85% of these have favourable pathology, yet most are actively(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the use of large diameter head THR to treat fractured neck of femur, and to demonstrate if this conferred greater stability. Forty-six independent, mentally alert patients with displaced intracapsular fractures underwent THR. Mean age was 72.1 years. Outcome measures were dislocation, reoperation/revision rate,(More)
Intraoperative hypotension is a common and potentially deleterious event in elderly patients undergoing spinal anaesthesia for repair of hip fractures. The synergism between intrathecal opioids and local anaesthetics may allow a reduction in the dose of local anaesthetic and cause less sympathetic block and hypotension, while still maintaining adequate(More)