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Oxytocin binding (Bmax) was found to be higher in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) and the medial preoptic area (MPOA) at midparturition compared with Pregnancy Days 15-17 or Postpartum Days 5-7 in rat dams. Pup retrieval and assuming a nursing posture over pups were blocked in parturient dams by infusions of an oxytocin antagonist into the VTA or MPOA and(More)
Proximal separation (PS) refers to isolating pups in small cages so dams can hear, smell, and see pups but have very limited physical contact with them. Six days of PS diminished the number of discernible oxytocin- (OT) immunostaining perikarya in forebrain areas of rat dams compared with 6 days of total separation (TS) or no separation (NS) from pups. Dams(More)
 No changes are allowed to your track schedule once it is finalized.  You must take at least one elective during the 3 rd year.  UTMB no longer issues or requires pagers. All students will provide cell numbers to each clerkship coordinator in order to receive text pages or calls for urgent or mandatory issues. On my honor, as a member of the UTMB(More)
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