Gaye Taylan Filinte

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BACKGROUND Orbital floor fractures are one of the most commonly encountered maxillofacial fractures due to its weak anatomic structure. Autogenous bone is a commonly used option for the reconstruction of orbital floor defects by many authors and institutions. This article introduces the olecranon bone graft as a new option for orbital floor reconstruction.(More)
Nasal tip surgery is one of the most important parts of rhinoplasty to achieve an attractive nose. There are numerous techniques focusing on the correction of nasal tip rotation and projection. In this article, a new cartilage support derived from the cephalic border of lower lateral cartilages is used for the adjustment of tip rotation and projection,(More)
This was a case of a 21-year-old female patient with a very rare and unexpected symptom "diplopia occurring due to the idiopathic sixth nerve palsy" encountered after 2 weeks following bimaxillary surgery performed for the correction of class III malocclusion deformity.
Abdominal wall hernias are often diagnosed on clinical examination or encountered intraoperatively during an abdominoplasty. The aim of this study is to evaluate the long-term results of the use of dermal automesh for the repair of incidental hernias during abdominoplasty operations, and to perform a comparative analysis of the biomechanical strengths of(More)
Purpose The most important problem in fat transplantation is the durability, which is closely associated with the applied technique. This study includes the comparison of different centrifugation speeds on the survival of autogenous fat grafts in rats. Materials and methods Forty-nine Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into seven groups and the left inguinal(More)
The use of makeup has been traced back to antiquity. Today, there are multiple reasons that makeup constitutes an important part of, and is a driving force in, almost every woman's life. The idea of using cosmetics for camouflage therapy, especially in the postoperative period, originates from the illusionary effect, which is thought to diminish the(More)
BACKGROUND Botulinum toxin type-A (Bot-A) is a commonly used drug for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. The effects of Bot-A on skin and muscle flaps and the related mechanisms have been described previously. In this study, we used a rat transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous (TRAM) flap model to examine the effects of Bot-A on the skin island,(More)
In recent studies, collagen organization was blamed for the formation of capsular contracture which is still a challenging problem after silicone implant-based breast operations. In this study, effects of different concentrations of collagenase enzyme derived from Clostridium histolyticum on the capsular tissue formation around the silicone implants were(More)