Gayatri Mirajkar

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Skull stripping is an important image processing step in many neuroimaging studies. In this paper, a novel scheme based on a level sets representation of the geodesic active contour (GAC) is employed to detect the boundary of the skull. This approach is based on the relation between active contours and the computation of geodesics (minimal length curves).(More)
Increased need of the automatic authentication of persons has led to extensive researches in biometrics. Among all biometrics, iris recognition is one of the most promising methods due to rich and unique textures of the iris, noninvasiveness, stability of iris pattern throughout the human life time, public acceptance, and availability of user friendly(More)
The application of multivariate data analysis methods such as ICA to solve the blind deconvolution problem requires the source images to be statistically independent. Since this is not always true, a subband decomposition approach is taken. Here it is assumed that the wideband source signals are dependent, but there exist some narrow subbands where they are(More)
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