Gayatri Agnihotri

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A computer simulation based study of photovolatics cells/ modules using circuit simulator PSpice is presented in this paper. The PSpice is an analogoue/digital circuit simulator which calculates voltage and current in a circuit under variety of different circumstances. This feature of PSpice is used to simulate a circuit based model for PV cells/ modules(More)
In this paper the performance of unified power flow controller is investigated in controlling the flow of po wer over the transmission line. Voltage sources model is utilized to study the behaviour of the UPFC in regulating the active, reactive power and voltage profile. This model is incorporated in Newton Raphson algorithm for load flow studies.(More)
This paper discusses about the effectiveness of two FACTS devices TCSC and UPFC. One series device and another is the combination of series and shunt device (UPFC) in providing solutions for transmission line congestion problems. Here these FACTS devices are applied and tested in a IEEE-14 BUS system using MATLAB – SIMULINK platform. The results indicate(More)
The crowding population based ant colony optimization algorithm (CP-ACO) uses a different pheromone update in comparison to other ACO algorithms. In this paper, crowding population based ant colony optimization algorithm is proposed to solve service restoration problem. The most notable achievement featured in this paper is run time reduction of algorithm(More)
To restore electricity service in healthy area outside the faulted zone in power distribution system is known as service restoration. In this paper, a technique based on hybrid Genetic Algorithm-Ant Colony Optimization (GA-ACO) is presented for solving the service restoration problem in electric power distribution system. Due the presence of various(More)
Micro-grid system is currently a conceptual solution to fulfill the commitment of reliable power delivery for future power systems. Renewable power sources such as wind, hydro offer the best potential to supply free power for future micro-grid systems. A micro grid consists of six parallel operated self excited induction generators driven by either wind or(More)
Service restoration in power distribution system involves operating the line switches to restore as many loads as possible for the areas isolated by a fault. In case of partial restoration, the supply must be restored to highest priority customers (e.g. hospitals) and this fact should be reflected in the final solution of service restoration problem. Thus(More)
Voltage Source Converter (VSC) based HVDC is the most recent HVDC technology with extruded DC cables in small and medium power transmission. VSC-HVDC converters include Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT’S) and operated with high frequency Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) in order to get high speed control of both active and reactive power. With VSCHVDC(More)