Gayathri Nagabhushan

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An important goal of software security is to ensure sensitive/secret data owned by a program shall be exclusively accessible by the program. An obstacle to such security goal is that modern commodity operating systems (OS) for the sake of speed and flexibility have a unified linear address space--any OS kernel program can access all the linear addresses. As(More)
The wok presented in this paper, focuses on an attempt made to solve a typical problem of arcform-text noticed in documents. The paper describes the method developed for segmentation of characters from an arc-form-text in documents. The method involves three stages. Two binding arcs are searched to enclose the arc-form-text from a segmented region within a(More)
We present an operating system independent and tamper-resistant worm-containment end-system. This system continuously observes outgoing network traffic over a finite-duration traffic window, and using heuristic rules executing in a secondary environment, detects infections. It automatically quarantines the infected host to stop further spread of the worm.(More)
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