Gay L. Landstrom

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This study examines what and why nursing care is missed. A sample of 459 nurses in 3 hospitals completed the Missed Nursing Care (MISSCARE) Survey. Assessment was reported to be missed by 44% of respondents while interventions, basic care, and planning were reported to be missed by > 70% of the survey respondents. Reasons for missed care were labor(More)
AIM This paper is a report of the analysis of the concept of missed nursing care. BACKGROUND According to patient safety literature, missed nursing care is an error of omission. This concept has been conspicuously absent in quality and patient safety literature, with individual aspects of nursing care left undone given only occasional mention. METHOD An(More)
Standardization of key clinical protocols and policies in the inpatient obstetric setting has the potential to improve care processes, ultimately resulting in better patient outcomes and decreased professional liability. Increasingly hospitals and healthcare systems are realizing benefits with adoption of standardization as a strategy for quality care(More)
The global shortage of nurses is escalating. A key contributing factor to the production of new nurses is the growing shortage of qualified faculty. This paper explores the forces influencing the global faculty shortage, including those that increase demand and those that limit the supply of nursing faculty. The authors discuss potential solutions to the(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND The objectives of this smoking cessation study among hospitalized smokers are to: 1) determine provider and patient receptivity, barriers, and facilitators to implementing the nurse-administered, inpatient Tobacco Tactics intervention versus usual care using face-to-face feedback and surveys; 2) compare the effectiveness of the(More)
BACKGROUND Guided by the Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance (RE-AIM) implementation framework, a National Institutes of Health-sponsored study compared the nurse-administered Tobacco Tactics intervention to usual care. A prior paper describes the effectiveness of the Tobacco Tactics intervention. This subsequent paper provides(More)
Leading and orchestrating the mission-essential work of 47 diverse hospitals toward a common vision with a supporting strategy is a challenge for any health care system. Trinity Health embraced this challenge while reorganizing the pivotal role of nursing in designing the future of health care delivery. This article outlines the roadmap utilized to create a(More)