Gavino Paddeu

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In this paper we report the results of a field research performed on Wonderbook (WB), an augmented book created for the local science festival and appositely developed to transmit formative concepts concerning ICT (Information Communication Technology). We believe that it is important to establish whether interactive installations enriched with enjoyable(More)
As the world gets connected, people need to access information anywhere, anytime, whatever the device is (laptop, cellular phone...). They look for situated services that identify and package relevant context sensitive information. Situated services for mobile people must integrate 1) user profile: who the user is; 2) space: where the user is; 3) time: when(More)
The Java2 Micro Edition platform can really be considered an emerging standard for new generation embedded software. This article introduces a practical methodology aimed to automatically generate a software prototype starting from an abstract description which defines the dialogue between the user and the application by means of a device independent and(More)
In this paper we describe our research in the design and evaluation of novel interaction techniques for pervasive computer technology at home. We particularly focus on supporting every day life by the means of an open source, multi-platform framework called XPlaces (extensible Places) designed to enable interactive applications for several environments. Its(More)
In smart technological solutions, interactive installations, multi-touch surfaces are all around us nowadays. In particular, pupils, who are digital native, are keen on these devices. So the adoption of these smart technologies could be an interesting approach to capture their attention. DADODICE (DD), our latest interactive installation, takes advantage of(More)
The design and the implementation of software for mobile computers and for pervasive computing environments entail several issues and lead to new requirements. Applications must handle at run-time the heterogeneity of delivery contexts in terms of devices features, network bandwidth, input and output modalities, operating systems, and so forth. In this(More)
Development of multiplatform applications requires a lot of effort to implement very different user interfaces. Automatic user interface generation can reduce time-to-prototype and time-to market for general purpose applications. This paper describes the Multichannel Object REnderer (MORE), which provides a model-based framework for platform independent and(More)