Gavin Young

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Deep fiber deployments for ultrafast broadband are both technically and economically challenging. Fixed access network sharing (FANS) offers a highly enhanced form of virtual unbundling of broadband access networks, enabling cost sharing and the dynamics of a competitive landscape. Data, control, and management interfaces are automated and harmonized among(More)
Myosin 5a is a dual-headed molecular motor that transports cargo along actin filaments. By following the motion of individual heads with interferometric scattering microscopy at nm spatial and ms temporal precision we found that the detached head occupies a loosely fixed position to one side of actin from which it rebinds in a controlled manner while(More)
The U.S. Motor Vehicle Emission Control Programme By Bruce I. Bertelsen Rhodium Bicentenary Competition Biomimetic Chiral Rhodium Catalysis Catalytic Polymerisation of Cycloolehs Reviewed by Manfred Bochmann Ruthenium in Medicine: Current Clinical Uses and Future Prospects By Claire S. Allardyce and Paul J. Dyson Thiazepinones Synthesis with Rhodium New(More)
3D convolutional neural networks (3D-CNN) have been used for object recognition based on the voxelized shape of an object. In this paper, we present a 3D-CNN based method to learn distinct local geometric features of interest within an object. In this context, the voxelized representation may not be sufficient to capture the distinguishing information about(More)
Computer-aided Design for Manufacturing (DFM) systems play an important role in reducing the time taken for product development by providing manufacturability feedback to the designer while a particular component is being designed. Traditionally, DFM rules are hand-crafted and used to accelerate the engineering product design process by integrating(More)
T here are over 700 million copper pairs in telephony access networks worldwide which provide for extensive connectivity of the world’s population. A combination of this existing copper infrastructure and new transmission technologies mean that a new era of universal broadband access can now begin at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time(More)
Sir, We were interested, and surprised, to read the conclusions of the paper from Wardlaw et al. ‘‘Interobserver variability of magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) in the diagnosis of carotid stenosis: effect of observer experience [1]. Although the title suggests an assessment of observer experience, the main conclusions from the study, namely large(More)
Our ability to optically interrogate nanoscopic objects is controlled by the difference between their extinction cross sections and the diffraction-limited area to which light can be confined in the far field. We show that a partially transmissive spatial mask placed near the back focal plane of a high numerical aperture microscope objective enhances the(More)
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