Gavin Venters

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The Internet and associated technology is transforming the dissemination of healthcare information. As this occurs, means must be developed to manage and coordinate it effectively. One approach is through community healthcare information networks (CHINs), which benefit both information providers and consumers. The paper reports on a regional CHIN(More)
Twenty-nine patients with fractures of the neural arch of the axis (hangman's fracture) were followed for an average of six years. Hyperextension and longitudinal compression were probably the forces most frequently causing this injury. Serious neurological damage was uncommon; none of these patients had any neural deficit at follow-up. In addition to the(More)
Fourty-two knees replaced with the Walldius prosthesis have been followed for an average of almost 6 years. The rating of the average knee on a 100 point clinical scale improved 29 points as a result of the procedure. Complications were carefully documented and were numerous, although relatively few affected the end result.
Sixty-two knees that were replaced with Walldius prostheses and twenty-five knees with geometric replacements were studied prospectively. The follow-up ranged from twenty-four to 162 months (average, seventy-four months) for the knees with the Walldius prostheses and from twenty-four to seventy-five months (average, forty-seven months) for those with the(More)
Excessive scar contracture by wound fibroblasts can have devastating consequences, ranging from body disfigurement to joint immobility. The ability of fibroblasts isolated from lesions of hypertrophic scars, keloids, normal skin, or normal scars in contracting the provisional wound matrix (i.e., fibrin clot) was compared and analyzed. Hypertrophic scar(More)
The rapid development and uptake of Internet technology has created opportunities for large-scale information networks to replace paper-based information sources. In order to obtain the maximum benefits for patients and medical practitioners it is important that health care providers work together to produce an integrated information service. However, the(More)
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