Gavin T Garner

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The United States creates or acquires increasingly more complex intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems to maintain a strong, leading presence within the world. As a result, ISR systems have become more costly and difficult to manage. The research team focused on continuing previous year efforts of another team to utilize commercial(More)
Hematocrit (HCT) measurements are important clinical diagnostic variables that help physicians diagnose and treat various medical conditions, ailments, and diseases. In this work, we present the HCT Disc, a centrifugal microdevice fabricated by a Print, Cut and Laminate (PCL) method to generate a 12-sample HCT device from materials costing <0.5 USD(More)
Dynamic solid-phase extraction (dSPE) has been explored in many microfluidic formats[1-4], however, most require complex fabrication, instrumentation with high-speed capabilities, are not amenable to post-process integration, and/or do not demonstrate multiplexed amplification required for fields, such as forensic DNA analysis. Previously, we presented(More)
Colorimetry with microfluidic devices has been proven to be an advantageous method for in situ analyses where limited resources and rapid response for untrained users are desired. Image analysis using a small camera or cell phone can be easily incorporated for an objective readout, eliminating variations from normal differences in color perception and(More)
We report the development of a disposable polyester toner centrifugal device for semi-automated, dynamic solid phase DNA extraction (dSPE) from whole blood samples. The integration of a novel adhesive and hydrophobic valving with a simple and low cost microfabrication method allowed for sequential addition of reagents without the need for external equipment(More)
Pathogen detection has traditionally been accomplished by utilizing methods such as cell culture, immunoassays, and nucleic acid amplification tests; however, these methods are not easily implemented in resource-limited settings because special equipment for detection and thermal cycling is often required. In this study, we present a magnetic bead(More)
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