Gavin Swanson

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Activity of the paraspinals, abdominals, and hip extensor muscles, heart rate, and skin conductance were measured in 13 chronic low back pain patients (CLBP) and 13 controls during static postures and psychological stress. After 10 min of baseline-rest, a subject was tested during standing, 45 degrees bend, maximum bend, posterior and anterior pelvic tilts,(More)
A comprehensive functional evaluation designed for patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP) is described. The evaluation includes measures from 4 domains of the CLBP syndrome; physical abilities, level of activity, psychological adjustment and pain perception. New measures for standardized assessment of physical abilities and employment of body mechanics(More)
Dr. Lindberg welcomed the members and noted that the Working Group will need to develop some opinions that can be used as the basis for reporting to the NLM Board of Regents and to Congress. Dr. Detre also welcomed the participants and stated that a goal of the meeting would be to reach some conclusions that can be incorporated in the report to Congress due(More)
Myeloblastic neoplasms occur in patients with leukemia. In women, the ovary is a common site. The cells of the tumor are identical histochemically to those in the peripheral blood. The Giemsa stain, PAS stain, and Leder stain assist in the diagnosis. The tumors are responsive to radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and operative removal, but tend to be(More)
Fibrinolytic drug therapy has markedly reduced morbidity and mortality from acute myocardial infarction. As with any other drug therapy, however, benefits are maximal when patients at higher risk for complications can be identified and treatment decisions modified to reduce the chance of adverse events. Streptokinase, a commonly used and inexpensive(More)
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