Gavin Sullivan

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Medical students experience various stresses and many poor health behaviours. Previous studies consistently show that student wellbeing is at its lowest pre-exam. Little core-curriculum is traditionally dedicated to providing self-care skills for medical students. This paper describes the development, implementation and outcomes of the Health Enhancement(More)
This article considers factors that limit or exclude civil society involvement in the regulatory process for nanotechnologies by critically examining an attempt to mount a public-interest legal challenge against the UK Health and Safety Executive for failing to properly enforce the European Biocidal Products Directive in relation to nanosilver consumer(More)
Successful negotiation is the art of gentle persuasion, not a "winner-take-all" showdown. Accordingly, it is essential to begin the process with a positive outlook and with the goal of reaching an agreement that is acceptable to all parties involved. Although the term "opponent" is used in this article to describe the person or group with whom you are(More)
"Towards the end of 1988, the Singapore Government began to express concern about over-reliance of the economy on foreign workers and later about the presence of large numbers of illegal workers. This article examines the policies and legislation introduced to change these situations, and examines in detail the repatriation of 10,000 unauthorized Thai(More)
"After a brief discussion of the geographical, cultural, and historical characteristics of Southeast Asia [and Hong Kong], a review is provided of the evolution of Australian immigration policy which, in our view, is a strong pull factor. This is followed by stock and flow analyses of Asian-born residents in Australia. The motivations for emigration in(More)
In this critical account of Baldacchino’s broad proposal for an emotion-focused phenomenological-psychoanalytic account of ethno-national identity in his article ‘The eidetic of belonging’, I focus my evaluation on three central features that might, even when treated separately, advance contemporary understanding of group self-conceptions and emotion. The(More)
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