Gavin O. Jones

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Nitrogen-based thermoset polymers have many industrial applications (for example, in composites), but are difficult to recycle or rework. We report a simple one-pot, low-temperature polycondensation between paraformaldehyde and 4,4'-oxydianiline (ODA) that forms hemiaminal dynamic covalent networks (HDCNs), which can further cyclize at high temperatures,(More)
Modern ionosondes make almost simultaneous measurements of the time rate of change of phase path in di€erent directions and at di€erent heights. By combining thesèDoppler' measurements and angles of arrival of many such radar echoes it is possible to derive reliable estimates of plasma drift velocity for a de®ned scattering volume. Results from both(More)
Incoherent-scatter radar and ionospheric sounding are powerful and complementary techniques in the study of the Earth's ionosphere. The work presented here involves the use of the Tromsø Dynasonde as a cor-relative diagnostic with the EISCAT incoherent-scatter radar. A comparison of electron-density profiles shows how a Dynasonde can be used to calibrate an(More)
Dynamic covalent materials are stable materials that possess reversible behaviour triggered by stimuli such as light, redox conditions or temperature; whereas supramolecular crosslinks depend on the equilibrium constant and relative concentrations of crosslinks as a function of temperature. The combination of these two reversible chemistries can allow(More)
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