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Redesigning the ‘choice architecture’ of hospital prescription charts: a mixed methods study incorporating in situ simulation testing
Objectives To incorporate behavioural insights into the user-centred design of an inpatient prescription chart (Imperial Drug Chart Evaluation and Adoption Study, IDEAS chart) and to determineExpand
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The Deco Framework for Interactive Procedural Modeling
In this paper we introduce Deco, a powerful framework for procedural design that shipped in Adobe Flash Pro CS4 through CS6 and in Adobe Photoshop CS6. The Deco framework generates complex patternsExpand
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Community ecology and invasion of natural vegetation by Cynanchum rossicum (Asclepiadaceae) in the Toronto region, Canada
Habitat preferences of the invasive alien species Cynanchum rossicum (KLEOPOW) BORHIDI in northeastern United States and southeastern Canada are characterized on the basis of data from both fieldExpand
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Psychiatry as Hermeneutics: Laing's Argument With Natural Science
R. D. Laing's work on the origins of schizophrenia in family contexts has often been dismissed as unscientific because it failed to show any reliable correlation between disordered communication andExpand
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A transparent display with per-pixel color and opacity control
We propose a new display system that composites matted foreground animated graphics and video, with per-pixel controllable emitted color and transparency, over real-world dynamic objects seen through a transparent display. Expand
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Assessing the utility of a novel terrestrial biodiversity quality indicator with 10 years of monitoring data
Abstract We introduce a novel terrestrial biodiversity quality index developed to inform conservation management at a regional/local scale. Our index, the indicator species score (ISS), is derivedExpand
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Science fiction and the medical humanities
Research on science fiction within the medical humanities should articulate interpretative frameworks that do justice to medical themes within the genre. This means challenging modes of reading thatExpand
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Winifred Rushforth and the Davidson Clinic for Medical Psychotherapy: a case study in the overlap of psychotherapy, Christianity and New Age spirituality
  • Gavin Miller
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • History of psychiatry
  • 1 September 2015
The activities of both Winifred Rushforth (1885–1983), and the Edinburgh-based Davidson Clinic for Medical Psychotherapy (1941–73) which she directed, exemplify and elaborate the overlap in ScotlandExpand
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The simulation of natural phenomena
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