Gavin Langford

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For xenotransplantation, the transplantation of animal cells, tissues and organs into human recipients, to date, pigs are favored as potential donors. Beside ethical, immunological, physiological and technical problems, the microbiological safety of the xenograft has to be guaranteed. It will be possible to eliminate all of the known porcine microorgansims(More)
Patient identification and consequent recruitment in clinical trials is normally preceded with searches on electronic health record (EHR) systems, which hold patient data. Such query results may be collated across multiple health organizations and specialties. With research systems designed to query multiple patient databases across different specialties, a(More)
Interoperability and reuse of healthcare information, for patient care and clinical research, rely on standardised approaches in its representation. The medical domain is rich with terminologies and dictionaries to support the representation of clinical data, but these are not necessarily interoperable. Secondary care research has long been conducted with(More)
An increasing amount of electronic health data is being collected for patient care, and with it the opportunity to explore reusing this data, for example to support clinical research. We explore how researchers can be supported in identifying potential study participants using a semi-automated approach to query anonymised datasets remotely. This paper(More)
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