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In order to test the effect of a psychological intervention on survival from cancer, 66 women with metastatic breast cancer, all receiving standard medical care, were randomly assigned into two groups; one group (n = 30) attended the psychological intervention, consisting of 35 weekly, 2 h sessions of supportive plus cognitive behavioral therapy; the(More)
UNLABELLED There is considerable evidence that brief group psychoeducational programs for cancer patients, offering support and some training in coping skills, may have lasting beneficial effects on mood and quality of life. OBJECTIVE To compare two different formats of a brief, group psychoeducational program for cancer patients; a standard format of six(More)
AIM To assess plasma zinc and copper concentration in individuals with autism and correlate these levels with symptom severity. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Plasma from 102 autistic individuals, and 18 neurotypical controls, were tested for plasma zinc and copper using inductively-coupled plasma-mass spectrometry. Copper and zinc levels and Cu/Zn were analyzed(More)
The purpose of the Blueprint for Entry-Level Education is to identify the content knowledge that occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants should receive in their educational programs. This knowledge is needed to prepare graduates to address not only the needs of people with chronic conditions and disabilities but also of those who are at(More)
Inadequately or poorly designed environments and tools of daily living impose barriers to people with a disability. This issue needs to be addressed in order for people with disabilities to lead full and purposeful lives. To accomplish this goal it is imperative that designers of environments and artifacts have an in-depth knowledge of human functioning in(More)
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