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Design and evaluation guidelines for mental health technologies
We present an initial set of design guidelines extracted from the literature and from a series of development projects for software to support mental health interventions, which encapsulate the knowledge gained from existing development projects. Expand
Engagement with online mental health interventions: an exploratory clinical study of a treatment for depression
The paper presents the results of a practice-based clinical study in which 45 clients and 6 therapists used an online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programme for depression. Expand
Computers in talk-based mental health interventions
The cost to society of mental illness is substantial. A large scale international study has identified mental illnesses as the second leading cause of disability and premature mortality in theExpand
In the mood: engaging teenagers in psychotherapy using mobile phones
This paper presents a series of studies carried out as part of the development of a mobile and online symptom tracking tool for adolescents with mental health problems. Expand
Automatic detection of social rhythms in bipolar disorder
We evaluate the feasibility of automatically assessing the Social Rhythm Metric (SRM), a clinically-validated marker of stability and rhythmicity for individuals with bipolar disorder, using passively-sensed data from smartphones. Expand
Personal Investigator: A therapeutic 3D game for adolecscent psychotherapy
Personal Investigator is a 3D computer game specifically designed to help adolescents overcome mental health problems such as depression and help them engage more easily with professional mental health care services. Expand
Clinical evaluations and collaborative design: developing new technologies for mental healthcare interventions
This paper describes the collaborative approaches, incorporating HCI methods with input for MHC professionals and MHC theory, which were applied in the development of Personal Investigator, a 3D computer game developed to support adolescent mental health interventions. Expand
Exploratory evaluations of a computer game supporting cognitive behavioural therapy for adolescents
This paper provides an in-depth insight into the use of therapeutic games to support adolescent interventions and provides stronger evidence than previously available for both their effectiveness and acceptability. Expand
Conversational Games within Dialogue
An analysis of task oriented dialogue has been developed around goal-directed exchanges labelled conversational games. Expand
Engagement with Online Mental Health Interventions :
Online mental health interventions can benefit people experiencing a range of psychological difficulties, but attrition is a major problem in real-world deployments. We discuss strategies to reduceExpand