Gavin J. P. Naylor

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We present a polynomial time algorithm for estimating optimal HP sequences that fold to a specified target protein conformation based on Sun et al's Grand Canonical (GC) model. Application of the algorithm to related proteins taken from the PDB allows us to explore the nature of the protein genotype:phenotype map. Results suggest: (1) that the GC model(More)
  • William T. White, Sharon A. Appleyard, Benthly Sabub, Peter M. Kyne, Mark Harris, Rickson Lis +7 others
  • 2015
Recent surveys of the shark and ray catches of artisanal fishers in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG) resulted in the rediscovery of the threatened river sharks, Glyphis garricki and Glyphis glyphis. These represent the first records of both species in PNG since the 1960s and 1970s and highlight the lack of studies of shark biodiversity in PNG.(More)
Squaliform sharks represent approximately 27 % of extant shark diversity, comprising more than 130 species with a predominantly deep-dwelling lifestyle. Many Squaliform species are highly specialized, including some that are bioluminescent, a character that is reported exclusively from Squaliform sharks within Chondrichthyes. The interfamiliar relationships(More)
We investigated whether or not evolutionary change in DNA sequence data was homogeneous across different classes of base pairs. DNA sequences for eight protein-coding mitochrondrial genes were obtained for 38 vertebrate taxa from GenBank. Each nucleotide site in the alignment was classified according to a number of covariates, including its codon position,(More)
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