Gavin H. Tilstone

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In contrast to generally sparse biological communities in open-ocean settings, seamounts and ridges are perceived as areas of elevated productivity and biodiversity capable of supporting commercial fisheries. We investigated the origin of this apparent biological enhancement over a segment of the North Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) using sonar, corers, trawls,(More)
Two-band algorithms that use the ratio of reflectances at 672 and 704 nm have already proved successful for chlorophyll a retrieval in a range of coastal and inland waters. An analysis of the effect of reflectance measurement errors on such algorithms is made. It provides important indications of the range of validity of these algorithms and motivates the(More)
1. ABSTRACT Two large inter-calibration workshops (PlymCal-1 & 2) were conducted at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) as part of the MERIS calibration/validation work within ESA's MAVT (MERIS & AATSR Validation Team) group in 2001 and 2002. In this paper the results from PlymCal 2 are presented as well as measurements from two cruises made within the(More)
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