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People with cancer have to contend with a variety of physical, emotional and social difficulties. Young people with cancer are often faced with the additional burden of isolation from their peers and social network. This paper outlines early results from a collaborative project seeking to use emerging technologies to develop and evaluate a peer-based social(More)
Pumps play a significant role in industrial plants and need continuous monitoring to minimize loss of production. This paper investigates the application of Acoustic Emission (AE) for detecting incipient cavitation. In addition this paper presents results from an ongoing programme to ascertain the applicability of the AE technique for determining the best(More)
Clustering methods are typically used to group objects with similar patterns into one of k sets. In the case of gene expression data, genes clustered into the same set tend to have similar expression profiles. However, clustering techniques lack a mechanism to quantify the between-cluster relationship. We propose a method called ICI (Inter-Cluster(More)
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