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Intrinsic immunity describes the set of recently discovered but poorly understood cellular mechanisms that specifically target viral pathogens. Their discovery derives in large part from intensive studies of HIV and SIV that revealed restriction factors acting at various stages of the retroviral life cycle. Recent studies indicate that some factors restrict(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate residential exposure to alcohol outlets in relation to alcohol consumption and mental health morbidity (anxiety, stress, and depression). This was a cross-sectional study of 6,837 adults obtained from a population representative sample for the period 2006-2009 in Perth, Western Australia. The number of alcohol(More)
BACKGROUND Climate change is likely to increase the threat of wildfires, and little is known about how wildfires affect health in exposed communities. A better understanding of the impacts of the resulting air pollution has important public health implications for the present day and the future. METHOD We performed a systematic search to identify(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have demonstrated links between cardiovascular disease and physical inactivity and poor air quality, which are both associated with neighborhood greenness. However, no studies have directly investigated neighborhood greenness in relation to coronary heart disease risk. We investigated the effect of neighborhood greenness on both(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to investigate seasonal variation in fetal growth, accounting for important sociodemographic, biological, and environmental exposures. STUDY DESIGN Records of births 1998 through 2006 in Perth, Western Australia were obtained (N = 147,357). We investigated small for gestational age and sex and the proportion of optimal birthweight(More)
Somatic L1 retrotransposition events have been shown to occur in epithelial cancers. Here, we attempted to determine how early somatic L1 insertions occurred during the development of gastrointestinal (GI) cancers. Using L1-targeted resequencing (L1-seq), we studied different stages of four colorectal cancers arising from colonic polyps, seven pancreatic(More)
OBJECTIVE To re-evaluate the causal effect of interpregnancy interval on adverse birth outcomes, on the basis that previous studies relying on between mother comparisons may have inadequately adjusted for confounding by maternal risk factors. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study using conditional logistic regression (matching two intervals per mother so each(More)
OBJECTIVES A systematic review and meta-analysis using the Grades of Recommendation, Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) approach to evaluate Botulinum Toxin Type A efficacy on spasticity and pain in the upper/lower limb in adults. DATA SOURCES Pubmed, Cinahl, Amed, Embase and Cochrane Databases. English language. 1989 to April 2013. REVIEW(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have examined the relationship between weight status and objectively measured neighborhood greenness and no study has examined this relationship across the different stages of adulthood. This research was an investigation of weight status and neighborhood greenness using objectively measured satellite remote sensing for a large(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate hypospadias' prevalence and trends, rate of surgical repairs and post-repair complications in an Australian population. METHODS Hypospadias cases were identified from all live-born infants in New South Wales, Australia, during the period 2001-2010, using routinely collected birth and hospital data. Prevalence, trends, surgical(More)