Gavin C. G. Fraser

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The study uses multinomial logit model to investigate the factors that determine household cooking fuel choice between firewood, charcoal, and kerosene in Kisumu, Kenya. Empirical results indicate that level of education of wife, the level of education of husband, type of food mostly cooked, whether or not the household owns the dwelling unit, and whether(More)
My brief was to review the report presented by Prof Fred Hendricks on the “Obstacles to Agricultural Development in the communal Areas of the Eastern Cape”. In general, I tend to agree with the comments argued by Prof Hendricks in his report but there are some areas where I have a different point of view, which is in all likelihood the result of differences(More)
IN THEIR POLICY FORUM “LEGAL TRADE OF AFRICA’S RHINO HORNS” (1 MARCH, P. 1038), D. Biggs et al. point out that the trade ban on rhino horn has not been successful in reducing rhino poaching, which reached a record high of 668 in 2012. They argue that trade bans support illegal organizations, whereas a regulated legal market could reduce poaching effort and(More)
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