Gavin A. Wood

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A measure of soil P status in agricultural soils is generally required for assisting with prediction of potential P loss from agricultural catchments and assessing risk for water quality. The objectives of this paper are twofold: (i) investigating the soil P status, distribution, and variability, both spatially and with soil depth, of two different(More)
1. Marks MI, Pai CH, Lafleur L, Lackman L, Hammerberg 0: Yersinia enterocolitica gastroenteritis: A prospective study of clinical bacteriologic and epidemiologic features. J PEDlATR 96:26, 1980. 2. Kohl S, Jacobson JA, Nahmias A: Yersinia enterocoluica infections in children. J PEDlATR89:77,1976. 3. Wormser 8P, Kersch GT: Yersinia emerocolitica: Clinical(More)
This paper examines the variables that influence the means by which 10,192 injured workers settled their compensation claims during 1990. The data on which this study is based come from a state in Australia where there are three means by which workers' compensation claims can be settled by lump sum payment: settlement following a specific injury payment,(More)
Human visual reaction times were fractionated into component latencies measuring visual reception time, opto-motor integration time, central motor outflow time, and peripheral motor time on the basis of evoked cortical activity recorded from the intact scalp and the occurrence of the response electromyogram. Normative data are presented for a right-foot(More)
This paper estimates an empirical model of the total costs of finalised workers' compensation claims. The sample was comprised of 8232 claims, made by workers in Western Australia, that were closed in 1990. It is reported that the variables representing the method of claim settlement is an important determinant of the cost of individual workers'(More)
According to Sassen (1991) some cities are becoming post-industrial production sites because of comparative advantages in terms of efficiency of their infrastructure, the international connectedness of their city economies, the presence of a workforce with expertise in knowledge-intensive activities and an agglomeration of ‘new economy’ firms. The global(More)
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