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BACKGROUND Axillary vein catheterization via a distal approach is an alternative to the proximal approach to axillary/subclavian vein catheterization under ultrasound (US) guidance. The aim of this trial was to compare the two approaches. METHODS In a randomized single-centre study, all patients requiring central vein catheterization in intensive care or(More)
We hypothesized that placing the arm in 90° abduction, through 90° flexion and 90° external rotation, could improve ultrasound visualization of the subclavian vein. In 49 healthy volunteers, a single operator performed a view of the subclavian vein in neutral position and abduction position. A second blinded operator measured the cross-sectional area of the(More)
Methods Randomized non-inferiority single-centre study. All patients admitted in intensive care unit (ICU) or operating room, requiring a central vein catheterization (CVC) without contraindication for SVC, were randomly assigned to subclavian or axillary groups. The primary endpoint was to compare success rate of each approach. The secondary endpoints(More)
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