Gautier Berthou

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Enabling anonymous communication over the Internet is crucial. The first protocols that have been devised for anonymous communication are subject to freeriding. Recent protocols have thus been proposed to deal with this issue. However, these protocols do not scale to large systems, and some of them further assume the existence of trusted servers. In this(More)
Leader election protocols are a fundamental building block for replicated distributed services. They ease the design of leader-based coordination protocols that tolerate failures. In partially synchronous systems, designing a leader election algorithm, that does not permit multiple leaders while the system is unstable, is a complex task. As a result many(More)
Peer-to-peer (P2P) video-on-demand (VoD) requires that nodes collaborate in the downloading of video files as a number of file pieces. In general for VoD, a node is only interested in another node's video file pieces if its download position in the video file precedes the download position of the other node. In this paper, we capture this neighbour relation(More)
Hadoop is a popular system for storing, managing,and processing large volumes of data, but it has bare-bonesinternal support for metadata, as metadata is a bottleneck andless means more scalability. The result is a scalable platform withrudimentary access control that is neither user- nor developer-friendly. Also, metadata services that are built on Hadoop,(More)
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