Gauthier Ruiz

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We record ECGs from healthy human subjects during 24-h long intervals, using ambulatory equipment. We calculate from the data various parameters, searching for those that change in a clear and systematic way under a homeopathic stimulus, (Strophantus hispidus 30c). The energy fraction at high frequencies in the power spectrum of heart rate variability(More)
We tested whether plant species used in a banker plant system influence the success of a biological control program with predatory mites. Banker plants (BP) may sustain a reproducing population of predators and provide long-term pest suppression. In an experiment lasting 12 weeks, we analyzed the responses of the predatory mite Amblyseius californicus and(More)
We reproduce global features of respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA), a prominent source of heart rate variability, from two signals coupled in alternate fashion so dominance periodically switches back and forth between them. We consider two different possibilities for this coupling and illustrate our method with numerical simulations that we contrast with(More)
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