Gautam Sharma

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PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Normal values of cardiac mechanical synchrony parameters in gated myocardial perfusion single-photon emission computed tomography (GMPS) are well established in literature from the Western population. The aim of the study is to establish normal values of mechanical synchrony with GMPS in Indian population and to find out whether it(More)
BACKGROUND There is an intimate relationship between drugs and criminal behavior. The drug-violence relationship is further complicated by intoxicating doses and/or withdrawal effects of specific drugs. Understanding this relationship is important for both healthcare workers and policy makers. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was conducted in Prayas(More)
There are numerous sources of vibration in an industrial environment: in processes such as pile driving and blasting; rotating and reciprocating machinery such as engines, Compressors, and motors; transportation vehicles such as trucks, train and aircraft; the flow of fluids; and many others. Vibration absorption is a method of adding a tuned spring-mass(More)
Permanent pacing, being non physiological, often results in ventricular dysfunction over time. Narrower paced QRS duration from pacing the right ventricular outflow tract septum, might result in relatively preserved ventricular function over long term follow up.
Central venous stenosis after the insertion of a permanent pacemaker is a well recognized complication. This late complication is encountered when there is a need to change the pacemaker lead or extract it. We describe a young male who had such a complication after many years after right side pacemaker implantation. The lesion was managed percutaneously(More)
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