Gautam Prabhakar

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We present a microstructure-based dual-core dispersion-compensating fiber (DCF) design for dispersion compensation in long-haul optical communication links. The design has been conceptualized by combining the all-solid dual-core DCF and dispersion-compensating photonic crystal fiber. The fiber design has been analyzed numerically by using a full vectorial(More)
Frequency doubling of conventional fiber lasers in the near-infrared remains the most promising method for generating integrated high-peak-power lasers in the visible, while maintaining the benefits of a fiber geometry; but since the shortest wavelength power-scalable fiber laser sources are currently restricted to either the 10XX nm or 15XX nm wavelength(More)
We demonstrate higher-order-mode (A<sub>eff</sub> up to ∼2000  μm<sup>2</sup>) propagation in a 100 μm outer diameter pure-silica fiber with a low-index polymer jacket commonly used for fiber laser pump guidance. This simple structure obviates the need for complex designs deemed necessary for realizing large-mode-area fibers. Modes ranging from(More)
Mutagenic action of sodium azide was investigated on two grain Sorghum varieties BD 569 and IS 2339. 16 h presoaking and 0.001 molar concentration were found to be most effective in inducing chlorophyll mutation spectrum at pH 3. Maximum frequency of M1 segregating panicles and M2 chlorophyll deficient seedlings were observed in IS 2339. Varietal(More)
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