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A 51 years old male was admitted to our Emergency Department because a severe pain in the right lumbar area irradiating to homolateral thigh, with fever. Abdomen and pelvis TC scan revealed a big retroperitoneal abscess. An urgent laparotomy was performed. It showed a huge retroperitoneal purulent collection extending caudally to right thigh and all around(More)
The thyroid functional parameters of 102 children with protein-calorie malnutrition (PCM) classified as undernourished, marasmic, kwashiorkor and marasmic-kwashiorkor were studied by measuring the serum T4, T3, T3 percentage uptake (T3%UT), free thyroxine index (FTI), and (in a few subjects) TSH. Total plasma proteins, albumin and globulin were also(More)
The paper deals with the peculiarities of a firearm wound regarding the dynamic of the accident and particularly considering the path followed by the bullet. The patient's firearm wound is described on the basis of the instrumental examinations done. These last give us a precious help to confirm the thesis, already guessed on the clinical examination of an(More)
Background Advances in surgical and anesthetic techniques combined with sophisticated perioperative monitoring are factors that have contributed to an expanding number of older adults undergoing surgery. Older persons often have multiple comorbid conditions that limit their functional capacity and increase the risk of death. An initial complication is much(More)
The Authors report the clinical course of M.L., a 22 years old man. He came to our observation after a road accident, in third care. In the former hospital admissions hemodynamic stabilization, surgical haemostasis of multiple hepatic lacerations with hemoperitoneum and right leg amputation were performed. He arrived to our department in a critical(More)
The Authors report the clinical case of polytraumatized patient who has colic abdominal pain and Murphy sign after 68 days from damaging event. This symptomatology is consequent to Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis (ACC) associated with hemobilia. This work may be different because hemobilia in polytraumatized patient, like causal factor of acute(More)
Hydatid disease is endemic in some areas of the world. It is located mostly in the liver. The cysts rupture is possible after a trauma, or spontaneously by the increase of intracystic pressure. Rupture of the hydatid cyst requires urgent surgical intervention. We report our experience in treatment of traumatic rupture of hepatic hydatid cyst.