Gautam Kumar Saha

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Reintroduction of the tiger (Panthera tigris) has become imperative to address the extinction crisis and, it also provides new knowledge of the species biology as to how these animals explore and utilize new environments. We studied six reintroduced tigers and three of their offsprings in Panna Tiger Reserve, central India, focusing on exploration strategy,(More)
Ecological observations were made on house dust mites of Kolkata as they form a major part of synanthropic mite community. Dust samples were collected with regard to the abundance of mite in relation to certain socio-ecological parameters like, habitat preference, location of house, construction pattern of house, types of mattresses used and the frequency(More)
A new genus, Neoschidium was erected with the type genus, Neoschidium phasma (Distant). It was earlier described under Ghilianella Spinola 1850 as G. phasma Distant and later under Schidium Bergroth 1916 as Schidium phasma (Distant) by Bergroth (1916). Because it exhibits characters not only of Ghilianella and Schidium but also intermediate specific(More)
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