Gauravkumar Patel

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BACKGROUND Data suggests that brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) plays a neuroadaptive role in addiction. Whether serum BDNF levels are different in alcohol or psychostimulants as a function of craving is unknown. Here, we examined craving and serum BDNF levels in persons with alcohol versus psychostimulant dependence. Our goals were to explore BDNF as(More)
OBJECTIVE Closing the loop in myoelectric prostheses by providing artificial somatosensory feedback to the user is an important need for prosthetic users. Previous studies investigated feedback strategies in combination with the control of one degree of freedom of simple grippers. Modern hands, however, are sophisticated multifunction systems. In this(More)
Fisher Vectors have shown great capability for visual search. Their main drawback is their high dimensionality. We propose several methods to reduce the size of the Fisher Vectors by applying different preprocessing steps and dimension reduction techniques to SIFT descriptors. Also, we investigate the effects of PCA and DCT transforms employed on SIFT(More)
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