Gauravi M. Deshpande

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Axillary meristems (AMs) are secondary shoot meristems whose outgrowth determines plant architecture. In rice, AMs form tillers, and tillering mutants reveal an interplay between transcription factors and the phytohormones auxin and strigolactone as some factors that underpin this developmental process. Previous studies showed that knockdown of the(More)
Halophilic archaea belonging to three different genera- Halobacterium, Haloarcula and Haloferax, were isolated from Kandla salt pans. The isolates had an optimum requirement of 25% NaCl for growth. Increase in organic solvent tolerance of isolates was observed at higher NaCl concentrations. Among the three isolates Halobacterium sp. SP1(1) was found to be(More)
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