Gaurav Trivedi

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Many combinatorial optimization problems such as the min cost flow problem are equivalent to the solution of appropriate DC circuits made up of positive resistors, voltage sources, current sources and ideal diodes. Simulating the DC circuit is an alternative approach to the approximate solution of such problems. However, conventional simulators such as(More)
Physical problems offer scope for macro level parallelization of solution by their essential structure. For parallelization of electrical network simulation, the most natural structure based method is that of multiport decomposition. In this paper this method is used for the simulation of electrical networks consisting of resistances, voltage and current(More)
This paper describes an application of machine translation technology for supporting collaboration in Wikipedia. Wikipedia hosts separate language Wikipedias for hundreds of different languages. While some content is specific to these different versions of Wikipedia, some topics have pages within multiple different Wikipedias. Similarly, while some users(More)
With growing Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry, automated analog circuit design is now a feasible solution for the demand to exploit a span of nonlinear circuit behaviours from devices to circuits with the flexibility to optimize numerous competing continuous-valued performance specifications. In order to meet desired specifications, state-of-art(More)
Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems are typically developed by informaticists skilled in machine learning techniques that are unfamiliar to end-users. Although NLP has been widely used in extracting information from clinical text, current systems generally do not provide any provisions for incorporating feedback and revising models based on input from(More)
In this paper a dedicated processor based on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for predicting the daily maximum temperature at a particular location has been implemented. The network architecture and weights are determined with the help of software tools using the daily maximum temperature, pressure and humidity at the specified location as inputs to the(More)
In this paper, design algorithms for implementing controllers for DC to AC converter and DC to DC converter using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) are presented. We used DC to AC converter proposed in [1], which uses free oscillation and discrete energy injection technology for our experiments. For DC to DC converter, Cuk converter [2] was used in our(More)