Gaurav Mehta

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This paper presents a new approach for estimatingpower dissipation in a high performance microprocessor chip.First, characteristic profile (including parameters such as thecache miss rate, branch prediction miss rate, pipeline stalls,instruction mix, memory references, etc.) is extracted fromapplication programs. Then, mixed integer linear programmingand(More)
Power consumption has become one of the biggest challenges in high-performance microprocessor design. The rapid increase in the complexity and speed of each new CPU generation is outstripping the benefits of voltage reduction and feature size scaling. Designers are thus continuously challenged to come up with innovative ways to reduce power, while trying to(More)
SOX10 is a Sry-related high mobility (HMG)-box transcriptional regulator that promotes differentiation of neural crest precursors into Schwann cells, oligodendrocytes, and melanocytes. Myelin, formed by Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system, is essential for propagation of nerve impulses. SWI/SNF complexes are ATP dependent chromatin remodeling(More)
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