Gaurav Kumar Singh

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Pea plants (Pisum sativum cv. Swati) exposed to different concentration of cadmium (50,100, 200 microM Cd) under controlled glass house conditions were quantified for different physiological parameters and antioxidative enzymes. In pea plants, Cd produced a significant inhibition of growth and induced chlorosis, marginal yellowing and necrosis in young(More)
Parkinson's disease is characterized by increased reaction times in both voluntary and involuntary motor responses and often results in unintended oscillatory motion of body parts, termed as Parkinsonian tremor. A simple and efficient method for diagnosing Parkinson's disease is still not available and furthermore, on the correct diagnosis of Parkinson's(More)
REDEFINE [3] is a polymorphic ASIC, in which arbitrary computational structures on hardware are defined at runtime. The REDEFINE execution fabric comprises Compute Elements (CEs) interconnected by a Honeycomb network, which also serves as the distributed Network-on-chip. Each computational structure is dynamically assigned to a subset of the CEs on the(More)
The mitotic arrest deficiency 2 (Mad2) protein is an essential component of the spindle assembly checkpoint that interacts with Cdc20/Slp1 and inhibit its ability to activate anaphase promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C). In bladder cancer cell line the C-terminal residue of the mad2 gene has been found to be deleted. In this study we tried to understand the(More)
Most of the real world networks we encounter today are complex networks and one of the important characteristics of these networks is the community structure. Identifying communities in a complex network is classified as computably hard and thus many metaheuristic approaches have been proposed in the past. In this paper we propose an improved differential(More)
In this paper, we have used the knowledge-based approach to detect the multiple human face of an image. We presented an algorithm, which detects human face by the geometric correlations between location of face and hairs in an image. Range of skin color are used to figure out possible face regions so as to initially localize the face, furthermore, the(More)