Gaurav Kumar Sharma

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The objective of this paper is to analyze the performance of electromagnetic band gap (EBG) antenna for base station applications through simulation. The proposed analysis is carried out using the high frequency structure simulator (HFSS). In our method, to overcome several intrinsic limitations of patch antennas such as constrict bandwidth, low gain,(More)
In this work, we proposed simulation of RAM memory using different IO Standard technologies on 28nm feature size FPGA. LVTTL and Mobile-DDR IO standard is used for designing RAM circuit, power consumption by this Memory has been calculated by applying two different technologies i.e. Mobile-DDR and Low Voltage Transistor- Transistor Logic. Both IO Standards(More)
In this paper a high gain low noise Op-Amp has been designed. In designing of a high gain Op-Amp, for large values of coupling capacitor, gain will decrease. Since our requirement was to increase the gain, so we have designed a three stage Op-Amp. Our designed circuit provides gain of 78.4 dB, which is very much larger than two stage Op-Amp. There is a(More)
The main aim of this report is to define highly efficient renewable integrated hybrid energy system for household and industrial application. This energy system combines solar energy, wind energy, pv cells, hydrogen energy and fuel cells. This complete system emits zero pollution and only use renewable resource (solar/wind energy and water). The elements of(More)
—the inquisitiveness to present this paper arises after making projects on microcontroller, FPGA and CPLD in trainings. This paper will clear the architectural and programming differences between them. The microcontrollers are computers in an IC while FPGA comprises logical blocks only that can be rewired with software tools. CPLD has architectural features(More)
In this paper, the execution of rectangular patch antenna is mended applying a newly cylindrical electromagnetic band-gap (EBG) substrate. The microstrip patch antenna is fed by the driven terminal. This EBG structure, when comprised with microstrip patch antenna to radiation pattern and return loss got from menstruation appearance a better impedance(More)
The key to achieve good surface integrity in the workpiece due to Electro-chemical spark machining (ECSM) process, which is hybrid of ECM and EDM, is by preventing the excessive temperature and thermal stress generated during the process. The present work involves in the development of a simulation model to simulate the complex ECSM process which consists(More)
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