Gaurav Kansal

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Multiple myeloma is a malignant neoplasm that is characterized by a monoclonal proliferation of plasma cells. Oral and maxillofacial manifestations as an initial sign or symptom of multiple myeloma are rare. A 58-year-old male patient presented with generalized gingival enlargement for last 6 months. Based on clinical presentation, a diagnosis of gingival(More)
Trait theory is a major approach to the study of human personality. Personality is the branch of psychology which is concerned with providing a systematic account of the ways by which we can differentiate one-another. Individuals differ from one another in a variety of ways: their anatomical and physiognomic characteristics, their personal appearance,(More)
NTRODUCTION Halitosis is defined as breath that is offensive to others, caused by a variety of reasons including but not limited to periodontal disease, bacterial coating of tongue, systemic disorders and different types of food. It is one of the most frequent claims from patients to the dentist. Halitosis is not a disease but rather a symptom of underlying(More)
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