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UNLABELLED Keloid is a difficult-to-treat condition and an ideal treatment modality is not available. Carbon dioxide (CO(2)) laser is one of the modalities to treat keloids. AIM To evaluate the effect of CO(2) laser ablation followed by intralesional steroids on keloids. SETTINGS AND DESIGN This was a prospective, single-center, uncontrolled, open(More)
BACKGROUND Presentation of proximal radioulnar synostosis varies from cosmetic concerns with no functional limitations to significant pronation deformity which hampers activities of daily living. Surgical management must be considered based on the position of the forearm and functional limitations. We describe the surgical technique, results, and(More)
We wish to report two cases of rickets due to vitamin D deficiency secondary to underlying ichthyotic skin disorder. The first case is of an 8-year-old male with history of multiple fluid-filled lesions over the body that would rupture to heal with thickening and scaling of skin, suggestive of epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, and the second is of a 14-year-old(More)
BACKGROUND Thorough curettage and cement augmentation is the procedure of choice for treating giant cell tumor lesions, particularly those associated with large defects. Its association with pathological fractures has not been studied to a great extent, although a pathological fracture following a giant cell tumor is not a contraindication to treatment by(More)
BACKGROUND Management of gap nonunion of tibia is technically difficult, time consuming, physically and psychologically demanding for the patient with unpredictable results. Various techniques have been described in literature for the treatment of gap nonunions, but each one has its own limitations. PURPOSE This study reports the outcomes of ipsilateral(More)
Sebaceous carcinoma is a rare neoplasm of the sebaceous gland. It is diagnosed mainly on histopathology and, clinically, it may mimic other neoplasms like squamous or basal cell carcinoma. We came across a patient presenting with a non-healing ulcer over the left temporo-parietal region of the scalp since 4 years and a single asymptomatic nodule over the(More)
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