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BACKGROUND Previously we reported that the variable outer membrane lipoprotein Vsp1 from the relapsing fever spirochete Borrelia turicatae disseminates from blood to brain better than the closely related Vsp2 [1]. Here we studied the interaction between Vsp1 and Vsp2 with brain endothelium in more detail. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We compared Vsp1 to(More)
In this paper, a novel approach of using genetic algorithm towards realization of Chua's circuit is presented. The paper demonstrates the use of genetic algorithm to evolve Chua's circuit from a set of given passive and active components. More than a dozen of the evolved designs are demonstrated to work satisfactorily in simulation. The evolved designs are(More)
I would like to dedicate this thesis to my loving parents, Ilona and Mihály Cserey. They have always been there to love, support, and guide me. God has blessed me with two loving parents who worked hard to provide me with everything necessary. I am so very thankful for that blessing and for the example you both were to me over my life. Thank you, mom and(More)
Chua's circuit topology evolution using genetic algorithm," [Epub ahead of print] Lack of evidence for association of two functional SNPs of CHI3L1 gene (HC-gp39) with rheumatoid arthritis.analysis of adrenocortical tumour genomics data: novel pathogenic pathways revealed. Oncogene. 2010 Mar 22. [Epub ahead of print]
A cloud based electronic prototyping platform is proposed for realizing the characteristics of a memristive system. The memristor Voltage (V) - Current (I) characteristics are stored on the web-server over the internet and dynamically observed on any internet-enabled computing device. The characterization development board is embedded on the programmable(More)
A plug-n-play internet enabled platform for real time simulation of image processing algorithms (like CNN) is demonstrated on the Bit by Bit platform. The prototyping platform uses Raspberry Pi, thereby enabling collaboration and sharing of the image processing simulation experiments and results over the internet. These algorithms can be applied to the real(More)
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