Gaurav Baruah

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We examine the effects of expanding a judged set of sentences with their duplicates from a corpus. Including new sentences that are exact duplicates of the previously judged sentences may allow for better estimation of performance metrics and enhance the reusability of a test collection. We perform experiments in context of the Temporal Summarization Track(More)
The University of Waterloo participated in the Temporal Summarization Track at TREC 2013 and submitted 8 runs for the Sequential Update Summarization Task. Methods like query likelihood ranking, pseudo relevance feedback, BM25 and cosine similarity, as well as, algorithms for passage retrieval and term expansion using distributional similarity to a set of(More)
Nugget-based evaluations, such as those deployed in the TREC Temporal Summarization and Question Answering tracks, require human assessors to determine whether a nugget is present in a given piece of text. This process, known as nugget annotation, is labor-intensive. In this paper, we present two active learning techniques that prioritize the sequence in(More)
To improve understanding of how global warming may affect competitive interactions among plants, information on the responses of plant functional traits across species to long-term warming is needed. Here we report the effect of 23 years of experimental warming on plant traits across four different alpine subarctic plant communities: tussock tundra, Dryas(More)
We propose a utility-based framework for the evaluation of push notification systems that monitor document streams for users' topics of interest. Our starting point is that users derive either positive utility (i.e., "gain") or negative utility (i.e., "pain") from consuming system updates. By separately keeping track of these quantities, we can measure(More)