Gaurang Joshi

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Complex diseases are major contributors to human mortality in old age. Paradoxically, many genetic variants that have been associated with increased risks of such diseases are found in genomes of long-lived people, and do not seem to compromise longevity. Here we argue that trade-off-like and conditional effects of genes can play central role in this(More)
Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation started its leprosy control work around Sevagram village in Wardha District (State of Maharashtra) in 1952. Long-term followup records of families of twenty-seven villages in this area were analyzed to assess the leprosy profile. In this paper, the data on household contacts followed from 1952 to 1986 are presented. This(More)
A project for total leprosy case detection particularly early leprosy cases was undertaken in Wardha District which has a rural population of about 6 lacs in 905 villages, through an integrated survey with the help of all health workers like Leprosy Technicians, Sanitary Inspectors, Co-ordinators, Malaria Workers, Smallpox Vaccinators and Auxillary Nurse(More)
The global burden of surgical disease is on the rise. In underserved areas this need is being increasingly met by surgical short-term medical missions (STMMs). However, access to safe surgical care is still of great concern to global health advocates. We sought to evaluate the current safety practices and outcomes of surgical care being provided by STMMs.(More)
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