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Rb-129Xe spin-exchange rates due to binary and three-body collisions at high Xe pressures.
  • Cates, Fitzgerald, +4 authors Saam
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and…
  • 1 April 1992
We have studied the spin relaxation of $^{129}\mathrm{Xe}$ nuclei due to collisions with Rb atoms at Xe pressures of 245\char21{}1817 Torr. Our results can be characterized by two parameters, theExpand
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Bragg scattering from atoms in optical lattices.
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Extraordinarily slow nuclear spin relaxation in frozen laser-polarized 129Xe.
We studied the very slow nuclear spin-lattice relaxation of solid 129 Xe as a function of temperature and magnetic field using laser-polarised nuclei. Relaxation times in excess of 500 h wereExpand
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Laser production of large nuclear-spin polarization in frozen xenon.
The nuclei of gaseous 129 Xe atoms are polarized by spin exchange with optically pumped Rb vapor. The Xe gas is subsequently frozen. The nuclear polarizations of up to 25% are largely unaffected byExpand
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Polarization-dependent frequency shifts from Rb-3He collisions.
  • Newbury, Bartoň, +4 authors Saam
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and…
  • 1 July 1993
We present measurements of the frequency shift of the Rb electron-paramagnetic-resonance (EPR) line in the presence of nuclear-polarized 3He gas for the temperature range of 30 to 85 °C. TheExpand
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Laser polarized muonic helium.
We have developed laser techniques to polarize targets of muonic helium and plan to use these targets to measure the spin dependence of nuclear muon capture.
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Absolute photoionization cross sections of the Cs 7D3/2 level measured by use of fluorescence reduction.
Une technique simple de mesure de la section efficace absolue de photoionisation, σ, d'atomes excites, est appliquee au niveau 7D 3/2 dans Cs. Cette technique utilise la mesure simple de la reductionExpand
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Quantum interference in microwave multiphoton transitions.
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Microwave multiphoton Rabi oscillations.
Resonant multiphoton transitions are driven between the 21s state and the lowest energy member of the adjacent n = 19 Stark manifold in Potassium using a high intensity 9 GHz microwave fieldExpand
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Line-shape analysis of resonant energy transfer collisions.
We have investigated the resonant collision process 26{ital s}+24{ital d}{r_arrow}26{ital p}+25{ital p} in K, which occurs when the 26{ital s} and 24{ital d} states are tuned by a static electricExpand
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