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Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to quantify the intercellular relationships between osteoblasts and osteocytes on the growing endosteal surfaces of the medullary canal of the tibia in four rabbits of different ages. The area of each osteoblast was measured on the SEM micrographs by means of an Image Analyzer. The number of osteocyte cytoplasmic(More)
Ultrastructural studies were carried out on intercellular relationships during osteocyte differentiation in primary parallel-fibred bone of newborn rabbit. It was found that throughout the whole differentiative process preosteocytes are in close relationship with the neighboring cells (osteoblasts, osteocytes) by means of variously-shaped intercellular(More)
The morphological changes undergone by the osteoblast at the ultrastructural level, during its differentiation into osteocyte, were studied in the primary parallel-fibred bone of the newborn rabbit by means of incomplete three-dimensional reconstruction from partially serial-sectioned preosteocytes. The findings obtained suggest that the formation of(More)
Osteocyte canalicular density (OCD) was evaluated at different levels of the wall of human secondary osteons, in subjects of different ages, to find out whether any correlation exists between the extension of the canalicular network and the exponential decrement of the appositional growth rate (AGR), which has been shown to occur during osteon formation.(More)
The onset and development of intramembranous ossification centers in the cranial vault and around the shaft of long bones in five newborn rabbits and six chick embryos were studied by light (LM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Two subsequent different types of bone formation were observed. We respectively named them static and dynamic(More)
A comparative polarized light (PLM), scanning (SEM), and transmission (TEM) electron microscopy study was carried out on cross- and longitudinal sections of human lamellar bone in the tibiae of four male subjects aged 9, 23, 45, and 70 years. SEM analysis was also performed on rectangular-prismatic samples in order to observe each lamella sectioned both(More)
This study was designed to determine the modulatory effect of estrogen on mechanical stimulation in bone. Trabecular and cortical bone compartments of ovariectomized rats exposed to whole-body vibration of different amplitudes were evaluated by peripheral quantitative computed tomographic (pQCT) analysis and histomorphometry and compared to controls not(More)
Size and density of osteocyte lacunae were evaluated at different levels of long bones to investigate whether or not the proportion of bone tissue occupied by osteocytes changes in skeletal regions, characterized by clear-cut differences in bone turnover rates. Statistical analysis of the results shows that the mean cross-sectional area of osteocyte lacunae(More)